Terms & Conditions

Purchase Conditions

Hayfever Tablets UK is a company that fully understands and tries to solve your purchase problems; each item is fully tested and guaranteed by experts in the area. If you have any questions about this, you should only contact the server; your response is very quick and will give you the desired solution. The terms present do not affect your rights, visit Hayfever Tablets UK, and be part of the pharmaceutical experience.

Shopping in Hayfever Tablets UK

Hayfever Tablets UK understands its customers and makes their payments through phone calls; this method has been proven to be the easiest and gives you a greater flow of purchases. The payment method is also very flexible; if you do not want to make it with a credit card or you do not have it, you can also do it by checks or money orders, in the same way, do not just ask Hayfever Tablets UK about the availability of payments by electronic wallets.

Payments in Hayfever Tablets UK can also be in the form of a deposit to the accounts provided by the website; you have to get up to date with the server to make the payment corresponding to the product you will acquire. Hayfever Tablets UK is committed to its customers at all times, so in case of rising prices, you will be notified of your email. You should take into account that if you pay for your product with credit, debit or check, you must wait 48 hours for them to process your request, in case of acceptance or rejection you will be notified to your email. The refund of the money can be done by placing a low amount to the stipulated one, signature errors, and fingerprints, among others, in case it happens you should only wait for the corresponding business days and then place a new order without the errors above.

Your orders

Age Restriction

Orders will only be accepted by people over 18, abstain if you are not of the age included. Each order will require your legal document to determine if you are of legal age, to place your order, you must confirm this requirement again.

The UK only

Orders will only be placed throughout the United Kingdom; this is a limiting factor for people coming from other sites. Pharmacies must be within the area included for your order to be successful.

Telephone orders

No orders or payments are made by phone, just through the official Hayfever Tablets UK website, go to it, accept the terms and conditions enter your data or check or deposit code and purchase your pharmaceutical products as soon as possible.

Medical prescription

You don’t need a medical prescription to buy any of the products in Hayfever Tablets UK.

100% original products

Each product that is available in Hayfever Tablets UK is 100% original and are authorized by professionals in the area of ​​health for use throughout the United Kingdom (UK). Do not buy fake or synthetic medications that may harm you or your pet’s health.

Privacy policies

Hayfever Tablets UK is fully committed to taking care of your privacy. The data entered on the web will be used only for the purchase of your medicine and subsequently removed from its database.

The personal information provided in Hayfever Tablets UK is to process your payment faster and provide very exceptional service. You must be calm and understand that as a client, you will not go through a bad time in Hayfever Tablets UK. After you have successfully placed an order, only your email will remain in the database, where you will be notified of the news on the website as well as the medications available. You will also be notified by email when the expiration date of your product approaches to retaliate.

If you no longer wish to receive notifications from Hayfever Tablets UK to your email, you should only submit a complaint on the website where the measures will be taken to be completely removed from the list of frequent customers.

The information that will be taken from you in Hayfever Tablets UK is as follows:

  • Name
  • Pharmacy
  • Telephone (optional)
  • Email
  • How many products do you want?
  • Your credit card, debit or deposit check information.

All these data provided will be maintained only with the client and the Hayfever Tablets UK website, with their consent. The data can be checked again if you wish through the website, as well as modify them when finding irregularities. In the future, you can experience in Hayfever Tablets UK the use of technology to track the behavior of frequent customers, bone, use a kind of “cookie” that would remain in your browser, etc. You can also remove it whenever you want.

If you have any questions about privacy policies, do not hesitate to enter Hayfever Tablets UK and submit a form.

Cancellation or product returns policies

If any of your products after the purchase has irregularities, defects, or damage caused by shipping, it will be replaced by another as soon as possible. If the item is not available at the time, the money will be automatically refunded.

If your order arrives defectively, you must keep it for a quick and easy refund.

If you return a product due to errors of the company, it commits to sending you the correct one in a short period, or you will be fully reimbursed instantly and will cover the shipping costs of the wrong product. Hayfever Tablets UK undertakes to verify the products that have been reported as defective or damaged, in which case there are no irregularities will be notified about it, and all the legal bases will be taken so that the company and the client are not satisfied.

The customer can retract and cancel the order within seven business days in which your product arrives, if it is already in your hand, it would no longer be cancellation but the return of it. In case you withdraw your product within 14 days for cancellation and want to return it you must notify through the Hayfever Tablets UK website


No order will be required to be notified by the client, nor what type of transport will move it to the indicated pharmacy. Your address label will be very well-typed and will have unique privacy.

Security before everything

If you want to know more about it, visit Hayfever Tablets UK and find out.

Shipping Information

For more details, just visit Hayfever Tablets UK and know its shipping methods throughout the United Kingdom and the costs.

Complaints and doubts

If you have complaints about Hayfever Tablets UK or existing doubts about how such a valuable company dedicated to the pharmaceutical area works, you should only visit its website and update it with the server. Don’t wait any longer and visit Hayfever Tablets UK